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The #1 WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is an open-source page builder which offers up-to-date design and development tools. With more than 2 million users daily which testifies to its efficiency, it is easy to use, extendible and can be customized as you like.

Create original looking stores

Jupiter X offers you the tools needed to create a perfect shop design. Only shops with creative and genuine appearance attract buyers, and with Jupiter Theme X, you can make all the modifications to personalize your design.

Unlimited header possibilities

Style is unique, and we understand that. That is why we allow you to build your own header from scratch, you can design the structure, appearance, and alignment of your header layout as well as other features.

Save time

and get inspired by readymade website templates.

You have a wide array of templates to pick from. With over 220 templates in 17 categories and more being added each week, all you need to do is search to see which templates work for you.

Design footer without limits

Jupiter X offers you a footer builder like no other. The footer is an important part of your website’s branding and its uniqueness because it appears at the bottom of every page. With footer builder, you can modify your footer with a visual editor to suit your taste.

Unique looking Blogs. Because you design them.

Now, you can customize your blog list, blog single, and blog archive to the last bit. Control every element, appearance, placement, alignment and edit ALL visual attributes through a completely visual editor.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Blog Single.

Portfolio customizer allows you to edit the visual features of your portfolio list. You can now personalize the layout of your portfolio and all its components, including post title, meta, excerpt, featured image, call-to-action button, and grid container. There is no limit to what you can edit.

Billions of Portfolio styles

No more limits! With portfolio customizer, you’re now free to create your portfolio styles to your heart’s desire. Add, remove, or edit every visual attribute of your portfolio list within the visual builder. You can fully customize the layout and all elements within it including the grid container, featured image, post title, meta, excerpt, and call-to-action button.


Page Block Templates

Jupiter X provides default block templates that you can use in creating a page, with dozens of templates for every section of your page, they come in handy.

Build your own forms from ground up

Build with Elementor, order & reorder it and stylize every and each element.

Real time Visual Editor

Enjoy adding or removing elements, change the layout and customsie the look of your header in real time while seeing the preview. A more convenient experience to build beautiful headers in no time.

Custom post types. Custom Single pages

Jupiter theme is made for everyone, including those without any idea of programming and coding. You can design your custom fields, classifications, and post types as well as booking websites, event templates, and dynamic calendars in very simple and easy steps.

Build menus without limits

Jupiter X also offers you a multifunctional menu which can be personalized according to your website requirements. This menu is, in fact, a Super menu that does more than holding sub-menu items and navigation tools.

Build eye-catching pop-ups and collect leads

You need a means of directing visitors to your website, and there is no better way to do that than with Pop-ups. Jet Pop-Up Builder allows you to create all the effective and amazing pop-ups needed to attract users.

Add the final ingredient. Apply fancy visual effects

Visual Effects! And we have just that in store for you.

$285 worth of premium plugins made available for free

Jupiter X perfectly aligns with the extendible nature of WordPress and plays well with major hosting services.

Wide plugin compatibility

Compatible with more than 35 major plugins. Literally all a WordPress website needs.

Live Chat, Videos, Articles, Forum, and more

Rely on our experts in case you need any help. Enjoy tons of tutorials to learn more about Jupiter Theme X.

It's magic!

Unlike with any other WordPress themes, you can now customize every bit of your website, blog, portfolio and online shop using 100% visual editors. All this power and flexibility comes with an astonishing speed and performance.

Jupiter is your last WordPress theme ever.